San Antonio Tamil Sangam (SATS) proudly welcomes our community into our new Youth club (YOSATS). The youth as a whole is a great power. Proper utilization of this power for the development of the society is one the most important thing.

Our first priority is to promote participation of youth in social responsibility events, active citizenship, and civil society - voluntarily. With contributing to the personal development of young people, we will try to increase their participation in society on a voluntary basis.


Youth of San Antonio Tamil Sangam (YOSATS) mission is to provide a safe, productive, and social
environment for young Tamil kids to learn about their history, language, culture and traditions
while gaining life skills to promote self-growth, improve cultural self-image and develop sound
ethnic identity through our activities and projects


► Develop a positive cultural identity
► Establish ethnicity by community involvement, social networking, fellowship, promotion and
appreciation for their history and culture so that they can take to next generation.
► Promote students organization, management and leadership skills
► Earn volunteer hours for school thru food bank, shelter homes and other activities
► The volunteers of the organization act as role models for the young members of the
► Work with young people vulnerable from negative peer groups
► Organize educational workshops on crime, drugs, gang violence, healthy living, careers, and
► Provide information of other services, which users can access.

SATS Youth Club Team:

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Projects planned for the current year:

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